MacGlide™ for Boat Owners

We all want to protect our boats from fouling, right? But we also know that the anti-fouling paints we use are not good for marine life. Every year, tons of anti-fouling paint end up in our oceans and waterways, killing marine life. MacGlide™ fouling protection and release foil offers an environmentally friendly solution – protecting your hull from fouling and saving you fuel.

We all have a responsibility to preserve our planet. Protect your boat without using toxic paints: use MacGlide™!

Sail responsibly with MacGlide™ fouling protection and release adhesive foil. 

Thanks to its non-stick properties, MacGlide™ fouling protection and release foil protects your hull from the colonization of marine micro-organisms without spreading toxic substances into the water as paint does. MacGlide™ is the innovative solution against fouling that lets you sail responsibly in cleaner waters, while saving maintenance costs.

MacGlide™ for Shipyards

Of course you want to offer your clients a good anti-fouling solution, but we all know anti-fouling paint is toxic and harms marine life. Now there is a good alternative – MacGlide™ fouling protection and release adhesives foils. You can switch to this environmentally friendly solution without losing any business – in fact, it gives you a new business proposition.

Get your team trained and extend your business, by offering a high-quality and cleaner alternative to anti-fouling paint.

Become a wrap installer of MacGlide™ fouling protection and release adhesive foil and create new business.

There is rising demand from boat owners seeking more environmentally responsible products. Set the trend in fouling protection and adopt the MacGlide™ biocide-free solution! A step forward in VOC emissions reduction, HSE, and marine life protection.

What is the alternative to boat paints?

MacGlide™ self-adhesive film is not only a non toxic alternative to anti-fouling paints for boats hull protection, it also offers more flexibility in the planning of maintenance work : it can indeed be applied indoors and outdoors, during all the dry season, as long as the ambient temperature is above 10°C. Mactac views environmental responsibility as an integral part of good corporate citizenship and an essential consideration in the products we manufacture, the processes we employ and the research and development activities we carry out.

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