What is MacGlide?

Each year in Europe, nearly 150,000 tonnes of anti-fouling paint containing biocides are used in order to prevent aquatic organisms from sticking themselves to hulls. These paints release toxic substances into the ocean, which have a very harmful impact on marine fauna and flora. 

Become a provider of an innovative, eco-friendly and high-performance product. Be ready for tomorrow!

Thanks to its non-stick properties, MacGlide™ fouling protection and release foil prevents the colonization of marine micro-organisms on your hull in the same way as anti-fouling paint, however without spreading toxic substances into the water. MacGlide™ is an innovative solution against fouling developed by Mactac and PPG. 

The advantages of MacGlide fouling protection and release foil over anti-fouling paint 

  • Easy installation - The MacGlide™ film eliminates the overspray contamination and is more comfortable for workers (no need for masks, gloves or dry suits).
  • Improved aesthetic - the MacGlide™ foil presents a smoother, glossier finish compared to anti-fouling paint.
  • Safeguarding of human health - non-toxic to shipyard employees, with no biocide exposure.
  • Profitability - Profitability - Shipyards see similar returns to anti-fouling paint when using MacGlide.
  • European Shipyard Network - become an authorized MacGlide applicator, showing your customers recognized credentials.
  • Enhanced reputation - boat owners will see you as a provider of an innovative, eco-friendly and high-performance product.
  • Personalized support - we’ll help you organize open-house demonstrations for customers, and you’ll be provided with application and marketing tools.
  • Full training - Our nautic partners provide full training on preparing hulls and applying MacGlide.

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“Estimates suggest a 30-foot sailboat will leach about two pounds of toxic copper into the water each year.”

source: boatingindustry.com

“One of our customers, passionate about new technologies, read an article on this solution published on Motor boat magazine. He contacted me and wanted to install the MacGlide anti-fouling film on his new boat Beneteau Trawler 35. We asked Mactac’s nautic partner for some application training, following which the boat was in the water just one week later. I admit to being a little skeptical about MacGlide properties. I interviewed my client twice during the season: he is delighted with the product and confirms that the hull is perfectly clean!”


Emmanuel Marcantoni, Paturle Plaisance (France) USHIP Network and Beneteau Dealer.

What is the alternative to boat paints?

MacGlide™ self-adhesive film is not only a non toxic alternative to anti-fouling paints for boats hull protection, it also offers more flexibility in the planning of maintenance work : it can indeed be applied indoors and outdoors, during all the dry season, as long as the ambient temperature is above 10°C. Mactac views environmental responsibility as an integral part of good corporate citizenship and an essential consideration in the products we manufacture, the processes we employ and the research and development activities we carry out.

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